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Our solution, ColdHubs are 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms, installed in urban markets. The Hubs are meant for smallholder farmers, retailers, and wholesalers, to store and preserve fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods 24/7 extending their shelf life from 2 days to 21 days.

Our solution addresses the challenge because, they are installed in urban markets, where the majority of consumers purchase their daily food supplies. In these markets, ColdHubs provides continuous power supply, cooling, and storage for perishable food once it arrives from the rural farm clusters and preservation for un-sold and evening left-over food, keeping them fresh for more than 21 days.

ColdHubs is a temperature-controlled chamber which ensures that perishable food products are kept at optimum temperature in the supply chain from freshly harvested products to the end consumer, creating a more efficient supply chain and reducing food loss and waste. ColdHubs connects local clusters of farmers/growers with higher-value urban markets while simultaneously helping to build the sustainable and resilient food supply system necessary to feed the growing urban population.

As a temperature-controlled cold chamber; ColdHubs increases food quality and food safety by reducing exposure to harsh direct sunlight, chemical contamination, bacterial or parasitic contamination, and mycotoxin contamination, thus eliminating rapid rotting. It provides equitable and affordable access to healthy, food in cities, thereby reducing hunger, malnutrition, and food-related illnesses in urban areas.



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