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The causes that force people to be displaced are very different: conflict, violence, human rights violations and natural disasters occur in every corner of the planet. The needs of each group of displaced people are also very different. What is similar, in all cases, is that the displaced have no voice or vote in the places where they arrive.

The proposals for solutions generally come unilaterally. What if instead of assuming what needs we believe the displaced people have, we let them define their immediate priorities? They, better than anyone, know their problems, but they are never heard. Let's give them the opportunity to choose, to have a voice and to help them solve their real needs.

Collerty is a transparent, reliable and open platform that is based on 5 steps:

  • Crowdfunding: Governments, NGOs and private donors enter their donations generating a unique budget for the displaced.
  • Needs: The displaced define their most priority needs, in the short and long term through a form.
  • Collaborative choice: The displaced choose in a transparent, free and cooperative way what their most important needs are.
  • Distribution: The budget is allocated to the top voted needs, where aid is really required.
  • Accountability: Everything is registered and transacted in a Blockchain-based system that allows traceability of the entire process and financial auditing.

With the help of Collerty, the displaced now have a voice and vote to generate collaborative prosperity.



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