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Going by the above mentioned difficulties and after extensive research in other developing countries, we have adopted the CAS Gain – Gain concept to be piloted in Mbanga.

It is a concept of contract farming where a partnership with small holder farmers is established through an agricultural contract being signed. Under this contract the following services would be offered:

Provision of inputs, tools and agrochemicals to farmers and farmer groups on a credit and incentives basis.

Assured Capacity Building and Training for farmers through CAS team and Farm Extension Agents.

Guaranteed revenue for farmers and assured loan recovery as CAS in partnership with other stake holder, commercializes farmers output on the national and international markets.

This approach is inclusive, community driven and cost effective as farmer members will achieve great success due to a comprehensive suite of end to end services aimed at increasing agricultural productivity, yields, income, profit and livelihoods in contrast to other models where farmers are given high yield inputs but not sufficient training on best farm practices or they are given training and no access to finance or inputs. But we offer an integrated solution.

With Vision to be the leader in modern agricultural and marketing solutions for all farming households in the CEMAC sub region and sustainably deliver superior quality food to feed all by reaching and empowering 1.000.000. Small holder farmers by 2030, we would be able to impact our target groups and reach the said vision as we are adopting an inclusive approach presenting our model and business as WIN-WIN and community oriented, offering to our farmer members : Availability of input, capacity building and marketing services on the part of the farmers; Availability of high quality agricultural products on the part of the buyer; Commitment to both our farming members and buyers; Non-Discrimination and Equal opportunities for all; Assured high Quality of inputs, services and output sold by CAS; Environmental consciousness; Convenience.



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