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Though many rural places in the world do not have access to the internet, with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin planning to launch Project Kuiper, where they intend to put 3236 satellites into orbit to have access high-speed internet on any part of the globe, it is an opportunity that the travel industry can explore to help support rural communities in the world become more sustainable.

With the current cohort of travellers being more sensitive to budget while looking for immersive, experiential holidays and wanting to live like a local than a tourist at the destination, it is a way in which communities which were not previously in an advantageous situation can be a part of the rapidly developing world.

If we were to talk about how these communities would be reached, 52% of the world lives in urban settings. Most of these people have obviously migrated from rural regions. In a world where people are looking to make more sustainable communities, urban dwellers can help onboard their rural counterparts. This does not go to say that rural communities do not know how to use the internet. Also, people who visit these communities through our app could help onboard non-participants along with people that are already reaping benefits of the program.



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