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The Community Development Project will help improve upon sustainable growth which leads to Development. This Solution and concept seeks to leave no one behind as that of SDGs to provide basic necessity service and technology for a transform world.

The People and the planet is the environment elements which we are supporting to create an enabling environment for living. Community water projects to provide and ensure safe and clean drinking water to prevent snail fever andbilharzia to Mankind because Man cannot do without water, Water is Iife for every single living being.

The gutter netting prevents flooding in the cities where roads are not properly align. The system traps solid substances and allows rain water to flow with ease to prevent choking and blockages.

Secondly our innovative Bin prevents insects, domestic animal attacks for left over food and it separate solid waste from liquid to improve healthier environment .

We construct public and household toilets with showers and urinal pit to improve public sanitation in Churches, Schools and Cities for their emergency usage and services with sanitary materials and equipment for clean and healthier planet for people and reduce open defecations.

In Africa and my Country Public Sanitation is a serious problem which significantly affects our health especially the deprive Areas and Communities.

We volunteer to support with our model and concept to support public sanitation for Africa and Ghana. Community development starts when citizens have good health and basic necessity infrastructure which will ensure massive growth for Development.

To conclude, the economic status and Income we earn is low which most people in Ghana finds it difficult to have good public sanitation and high standard of living for their activities and environment resource.

Our model and solutions will support and benefit the rural Areas and Cities and those left behind to live up to standards for Development by 2030.

The project is at pilot base now which needs to be scale up with the concept we have adopted to sustain it which we are determine and know it will add great value to Ghanaians if funding and resources are secure for growth and scaling.

These key areas: Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Tema Community twenty gutter flooding issues and Asyboe in the western region which lacks safe drinking water, Volta lake area in Ghana which also lack toilets facility and waste collection bins is a key challenge, the solution we are deploying is the best to help solve it once and continues Sustainability system which our management concept and model designed will sustain and managed it appropriately.

We would give out our best and expertise in this solution as compared to any other solution!!!



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