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With over N4,000,000 Million spent on healthy food baskets in 2019 to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in vulnerable populations, and over $10,000 spent on health services, mobile clinics and home services, to low income beneficiaries in 2019, including women and children, our organization is well positioned to meet the peculiar needs of internally displaced populations in Africa. According to the African Dialogue series (2019 ), no fewer than 24 million internally displaced populations reside in Africa, accounting for a third of all internally displaced populations globally. The African Dialogue Series 2019 also highlighted the urgent need for interventions such as affordable care through health insurance, to promote health and wellbeing and for initiatives that adequately address, low income, unemployment, and food insecurity. AGRICARE was launched in 2018, in a rural community in South West Nigeria, and is now operational in two states and numerous rural regions. AGRICARE is a holistic CBHI model that improves several indicators related to multi-dimensional poverty and population health, in keeping with global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Our community health insurance program offers a unique combination of health and social services including:Affordable community health insurance coverage, mobile clinics, home care, access to medicines and diagnostic tests, remote consultations with physicians, Healthy food baskets per family/ month, (that help to address nutritional deficiencies in children), Agricultural farm land allocation and training support for planting, harvesting & livestock management, asset financing & skills training (to promote income generation), and mobile education for out of school girls.



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