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Displaced persons are often subjected to inhuman treatments at camps and in the hands of individuals who have no regard for their plight. People take undue advantage of displaced persons with a view exploiting them.

An African addage says, there is no place like home. Wherever a displaced person may find himself, he wishes things were back to normal so he could go back home to his farm and loved ones.

A sense of belonging for displaced persons, is always at home where they can own their own farmlands without having to be at the mercy of Government to feed and clothe them at IDP Camps. Similarly, children of school age can return to schools within those communities as opposed to being left at Camps without having adequate access to education .

Our solution provides an arrangement where displaced persons can return to their homes and live peacefully with one another with the intervention of relevant stakeholders. We have tried it in Plateau State, Nigeria and it worked.

Community Peace Initiative gives room for reintegration and it helps revive already shattered relationships. It also helps conflicting parties come up with new ideas that would help sustain peace in their communities.



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