Computer Lab in remote areas of Tajikistan

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The NGO “Support and Development of Badakhshan” wants to express its interest in the Global Maker Challenge – Challenge 2: Digital Divide & Digital Literacy

The NGO “Support and Development of Badakhshan” is a non-governmental organization established on January 19, 2000, the registration number in Ministry of Justice, Republic of Tajikistan No. 576. It was re-registered on September 17, 2007, under the registration number of the ICH 164 "A". The mission of the organization is to participate in the implementation of programs and projects (including international), to develop a social economic base, to ensure decent living conditions for people with disabilities and their family members (women and children). Currently our NGO is looking for the investment of computer technology.

Digital Divide & Digital Literacy plays a vital role in today’s life of survival. It becomes increasingly important for individuals using the internet meaningfully. Increasingdigital literacyand access to technology for people who have been left out of the information revolution is of common concern. In relation to this, the NGO has found similar problem in remote areas of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan, where people lack of opportunity to access computer technology such as computers, internet etc. By this way, they could learn the latest computer technologies faster and in the future, they can find better jobs and contribute to the well being of the community. Furthermore, it will give them exceptional opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding in a more challenging environment.

The project on computer literacy will give an additional opportunity toschoolchildren to learn and understand the use of modern computer technologies. In case of being selected as a successful candidate bythe Global Maker Challenge,the NGO will open the Computer Labs in the schools of Navobod sub – district, Ver sub – district, Shughnan District, Roshtqala District of GBAO, Tajikistan. The extra money, can be spent for opening the Computer Labs in other schools of Badakhshan Region.



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