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Our proposed solution:

Desalination and purification of sea water and support water with means that are eco-friendly, without the need for electricity, independent, mobile, tailor-made and adapted to the customer's needs.


Technically: (MCV ARM / MVCIC-1/ MVCIC) is a desalination and water purification unit by mechanical steam compression, thermal and photovoltaic panels coupled with a refrigeration machine.

Operation: Purification of water from seas, supports, rivers... with a Desalination Unit that uses the sun as the only energy source instead of electricity, and make this unit mobile, independent, easy to transport and sized according to the need so that it is within everyone's reach. Good as using the same machine to provide electricity if necessary

Strength: Green technology / Mobile / independent / different size according to need / less waste / easy use / power source too....

Certify: Patented product, certify and tested.



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