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Today, agriculture absorbs more than 70 % of the freshwater on a worldwide level among which 40 % is wasted because of a mismanagement of water resources. We build solar powered irrigation systems to avoid water shortages and to automatize the irrigation of the farms. Our main customers are the family farmers. Family farming covers a great majority of the agricultural activities of the planet: 2,6 billion people, that is about 40 % of the world population, live and work in a family exploitation. First producer of food resources, with near ¾ of world productions, family farming offers local supply chains well adapted to the demand both in rural and urban areas.Most of the time, the exploitation of their field is their unique revenue stream. These farmers win little and are not in food self-sufficiency.As the field is irrigated by rudimentary ways (gourds, watering cans, etc. …). The watering not being optimized, it happens that the harvests are over irrigated and finally died. We make solar pumps which allow to create a direct access between a water source and a field èDisappearance of the daily journeys for the farmers. We make sensors who cover the field and take all the necessary measures to quantify its needs in water. This sensor's system sends the data to our server which treats them. Depending on the results, the connected watering system will be activated.èEconomy of the water + considerable saving of time which can be converted in more lucrative activities (eg :processing of products).



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