Constructing homes out of plastic bottles

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World-wide over 500 billlion tons of plastic bottles are produced every year, And according to the National environment management authority 600 tons of plastic waste are poorly disposed of in Kampala everyday, 51% of this plastic remained uncollected, the major beverage companies in Uganda have decided to maximize their profits instead of protecting the environment through phasing out recyclable glass bottles and replace them with plastic bottles, without a waste disposal system in place the plastic waste ends up in water ways, clogs pipes, floods the city centers and affect acquatic life. In Addition Uganda's population is the fastest growing in the entire world within the next 20 years the population is expected to double and this put massive pressure on the housing sector. The convetion construction is still much realiant on ordinary build materials, majory burnt bricks, the process of burning this bricks consumes alot of wood that accerelate the existing challenges of defforestation. With an average income of $65 a month it is not surprising that over two-thirds of Ugandans live in substandard housing. The lack of quality housing compromises people’s health and development opportunities.

Upcycle Africa protect the environment and promote innovative mind-set while empowering youth. Through up-cycling plastic waste we train our local communities in Uganda especially the disadvantaged youth to protect the environment. Bottles replaces environmentally unfriendly bricks, which are burnt for days promoting deforestation. Plastic bottles are collected and compacted with soil, making the houses very cost effective and affordable. Furthermore, the buildings are durable, buffer heat and are earthquake resistant. We have so far constructed over 80 houses in different parts of Uganda for example Nakivale refugee settlement and other marginalised communities. Upcycle Africa has created direct jobs to over 108 women in our five communities of operation who serve on contract as waste pickers. This has ensured economic empowerment for these women. These cash incentive allows low-income families to support their children with school fees. The waste pickers program recovers plastic waste in beaches, streets and bus stations ensuring clean and safe environment.Our school recycling project recovers plastic waste from over 50 schools monthly while educating students on good waste management practices. We would like to change the mindset on the way people think and dispose of plastic waste.



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