Contaminated Plastic Packaging Recycling

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We have developed an innovative production system, composed of equipment and processes patented, that performs the decontamination and recycling of lubricant packaging in an ecological way: without the use of water, without waste generation, and 30% less cost than the process used by our competitors today

More than that, all residual oil is recovered and sold for the production of new oil, eliminating the environmental risk.

The result is a recycled raw material of excellent quality, that we sale for the production of new oil bottle, 100% made of our recycled plastic and with 10% cost reduction, thus creating a true circular economy.

In the last 2 years, we have done a pilot operation with scale, processing 10 million bottles, recovering and selling 500 tons of recycled plastic, including Braskem, and 17 thousand liters of recovered oil, including lwart group, generating socio-environmental impact results: 17 billion liters of water preserved from the environment, 530 tons of contaminated plastic out of landfills, 800 tons less greenhouse gas emission, 1.600 waste pickers needed to collect this material, 75% energy-saving and avoided
with the use of 150,000 liters of water in production.

That made this solution becomes recognized through relevant international and national awards, and among them, the IBD 2018 / 2019 Award, the UN Global Compact 2019 Awards , and the Ideas for Action World Bank Group 2019 Award, the European Greentech Challenge 2019, Best for the World 2019, recognized among the top rated B companies in the world in 2019, which are companies that generate social and environmental value.

Therefore, we are able to expand this solution through units with high productive capacity, installed in containers, occupying little space, and enabling to be close to the generating sources, facilitating the logistics and scalability.

The objectives are: grow the busines with great potential and explore the technology in Brazil and in the world. The larger the business, the higher the volume processed, the greater the social and environmental benefits generated. Our dream and mission of life from the beginning is to leave this legacy, giving it to society thorugh this new concept and way of recycling and circular economy, preserving the planet and people's lives.



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