Conversion of waste plastics to petroleum fuels

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Today, the world may be drowning in plastics (, but this problem also presents a remarkable multi-billion dollar business opportunity. With concerns around plastic pollution reaching a crescendo, the global plastic recycling market is expected to double in less than 10 years from USD 31 billion in 2015 to a revenue opportunity of USD 57 billion by 2024.

PolyCyclis a circular economy company based out ofIndiathat is addressing oneof the biggest pain points in field of waste management – the challenge of recycling ‘non-recyclable’ waste plastics. The company has working over the past7+ yearsbuild several chemical and purification technologies for recycling of different types of waste plastics.

PolyCycl’s flagship technology chemically recycles waste plastics to generate high economic value petrochemical feedstock and fuels.In 2016-17,the company setupIndia’s firstcontinuousprocess demonstration plantat its R&D centre for conversion of municipal waste plastics to industrial diesel fuels (video :

The company is today one of handful organizations globally, that has developed a differentiated,continuous(non-batch) process for enabling direct conversion of plastics to high value petrochemical feedstock and fuels. The generated fuel may be used as a petrochemical feedstock for manufacturing of monomers and virgin plastics (circular economy) or as blendstock for use with industrial diesel.

The continuous process architecture enables acapEx and OpEx reduction of up to 50% vis-à-vis first generation batch variants,allowing project’s based on technology to achieve highEBITDA and IRR.

The technology stands patented under US Patents 14/123979, 14/126854 and 14/910262 , with other patents in the pipeline.

In addition to above, the company is also spearheading development of circular economy technologies towards chemical recycling of different types of waste plastics including:

  • TetraCyclTM -Recycling of Tetrapak Poly-Al for extraction of PE and Al compound separately.
  • MLPCyclTM
    Recycling of multi laminate packaging (MLP) films for extraction of PE/PP and PET separately.
  • PETCyclTM
    Purification of post-consumer PET to remove colorants, dyestuffs and to recover purified PET.

The company has partnered withRamky Environment–India’s largest waste management company( to setup multiple plastic to fuel plants in the country.PolyCycl and Ramky are co-investingto implement an upcoming project at Hyderabad (India), where Ramky has municipal concession till 2037.WhiteField Ventures, a strategic investor that focuses in green chemistry and chemicals space is also an investor in the project.

PolyCycl has been a finalist at the Cleantech Open at San Jose, USA and has been recipient ofnational award at the India Innovation Initiative. Aside, the company has been selected for innovation showcase atNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Denver, Clean Energy Forum – Spain, Cleantech Forum
San Francisco and SxSw Eco – Austin.

Globally, with less than 16% of all plastics being recycled, the technology offers a global opportunity for reducing plastic pollution and increasing environmental sustainability while simultaneously enhancing the operational economics of a waste management or plastic recycling operation(an opportunity to "do good while doing well”).

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