Converting Plastic Waste into health-fund

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SunPoynt Health is a micro insurance social venture which utilizes waste as a financial resource in enabling uninsured poor informal dwellers access health care twice a month. We collect & convert waste in slums into a health insurance fund for uninsured poor slum women & kids below 5 yrs while improving sanitation, environment & hygiene for better lives. We mainly target kids below 5 years and expectant women based in slum areas around Nairobi City due to high child and maternal mortality rates in slums. By collecting and delivering waste to us , our members are able to access 2 free clinic visits to access drugs and other related healthcare services within our partner locally based approved healthcare providers. SunPoynt Health has been able to successfully develop a system that highly motivates communities practice best waste disposal and collection, which are the most challenges to a sustainable waste management system. Currently our members scramble for waste within the areas we operate since they link waste to free healthcare for their kids. We have been able to achieve these by modelling waste as an incentive for off-setting access to healthcare services at no extra cost since healthcare costs is a big challenge to most of our members thus they view our service as free healthcare since the waste is freely available around them. Solid Waste Management is a major problem globally and in Kenya offers several challenges from clogged drainage and sewers, waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera and diarrhea, increased upper respiratory diseases from open burning of the garbage to malaria.Our venture is undertaking a comprehensive waste management, prevention, recycling, composting, and disposal program within the slums where the garbage menace is prevalent. Our system considers how to prevent, recycle, and manage solid waste in ways that most effectively protect human health and the environment within the slums. Our activities involves evaluating local needs and conditions, and then selecting and combining the most appropriate waste management activities for those conditions. By linking garbage collection within the slums with health care access among the residents, we are able to reduce pollution within the slums thus fostering healthy living, clean environments for children and general slum dwellers.  In Kenya, we target 8 main informal centres with a population of over 1M. These communities still face healthcare and waste management challenges within their localities. We plan to scale our service to key slum areas within 3 key cities across East Africa, with population of over 2M people. 



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