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Hello! We are also starting a project in our city to turn cooking oil into biodiesel. We will collect, through a program of awareness of the entire population of our city, all cooking oil that is thrown away or in the wild by people who discard it anywhere after it is used. We can not discard this oil anywhere, it is highly harmful and harmful to the environment, the rivers and the underground water table.

When our project to collect the oil in all the houses is ready and put into practice, then we will go to the second step, which is to set up an average plant to purify this oil and sell it to companies, or transform it into biodiesel.

For us to succeed, we also need to make a well-designed project, and we are also trying to build our project in the best and clearest possible way, so that everyone understands and helps us to reach the entire population with this change.

We are 4 young people engaged in this project a few months, but we need help to be successful. We want to expand this project to other cities and regions also in the future, starting with Campo Bom, Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil, which is the city we were born first

We are also looking for help in the city hall, and in public and environmental agencies also to have support and start our project well organized.

Best Regards,

Eder Pinto.



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