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Refugees have not had a place to call home all their lives. A "Few" of them get lucky and get sponsored or adopted but most of them survive by living in shelters provided by the United Nations or by running into a country where they end up living in poverty. 

Our Solution to this problem is Called the Coslyn Global Refugee Camp which will be located in a peaceful country called Zambia. This will be a permanent camp designed for refugees from all over the globe who will be granted Citizenship after Ten Years of staying in the Camp as per law of this country. Homes will be built in form of hostels and bigger spaces will be provided for bigger families. They will be taught basic survival skills such as Farming, Tailoring, Catering, Arts, Sports, Public Speaking, and How to run Businesses. Everyone will be required to know two out of the above mentioned skills to be a full member of the Camp. Once they are trained, They are to start putting their knowledge into practice as soon as we provide the platforms. This will be their way of making money for survival.

For those who wish to further their academics, A primary and Secondary school will be provided and we shall partner with the United Nations, college, universities and all stake holders who feel the need to help to provide scholarships for well deserving students from the Refugee Camp. 

After Ten Years of living on the Camp, They will officially attain Citizenship in Zambia and they will no longer be foreigners in the land. 

We shall allow individuals or companies to fund any refugee of their choice without demanding anything in return. 

The Camp will consist of:

1. Maximum Security to ensure saftey for the refugees.

2. Morden Hostels.

3.A primary and secondary school.

4.A clinic (with Supplies from World Health Organization and UNICEF),

5.Large Farming Area (They will use their produce to sell to locals to earn money),

6.Large Dining Hall (Food Will be provided for everyone from their produce),

7. Play Park For Children and Computer Cafe.

8. Large Conference Hall ( For teaching them the basic skills they need to all have and It will be rented out to locals to make money for the Camp)

9.Medium sized Stadium And Sports Arena (For sports practice for those who desire to be professional athletes and it Will also be rented out to locals who would want to use it)

10. Solar power station and Water Supply,

11. Small Shopping Complex ( Shops will be rented to big companies who will give jobs to the refugees and their rentals will help sustain the camp),  And a

12.Universal Chapel for religious activities. 

All this can be done with effective planning and budgeting. Partnerships with NGOs, Companies, Organizations , Governments and World leaders will not be ignored.



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