Creating Accessible Markets For Independent Farmers Through Technology.

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KRUNCHY Farms is a technology driven catfish farming business cooperative legally registered and supporting over 20 independent Catfish farmers through capacity building, consultancy, and training. We recruit and train youth farmers who form part of our "KRUNCHY Farmers" cooperative on best agricultural practices and how they can leverage the use of technology to increase yield and have easy access to market.

On the other end are Women who form part of the cooperative identified as "KRUNCHY retailers", who are empowered with branded retail outlet at different strategic locations around the state who sell our farm produce.

These are connected to farmers by our mobile app "KRUNCHY store" where they, having first hand interaction with customers can order for specific number of farm products, this will reduce post harvest spoilage and loss, provide feedback on customers reviews and complaints on products quality and packaging.

When orders are placed, we have our "KRUNCHY drivers" who load vehicles with daily ordered products and make deliveries to the retailers who then sell to the final consumers.

This model will be expanded to include other farmer products such as poultry eggs, chicken, beef, palm oil, vegetables, rice, pumpkin seeds, yam, and other viable agricultural products with a large demand across different industry.



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