Creating an Environment to facilitate Self-help

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Helping forcibly displaced people involves a lot of chaos/ confusion management and many more complicated factors. To address any problem, we should first realize what resources we already have and what we further need. Firstly, in a given group of forcibly displaced people who are in a survival crisis together, it is a natural human tendency to take care of and stay concerned about one another as a family. This love and care is a very important resource that we can use to address this problem. Secondly, a group of displaced people would contain all sorts of people with varied skill-sets. Some might be educated and some might be uneducated while still possessing some skill-set. Using these two resources that these people already have, we could facilitate self-help for these people by just providing them a suitable environment. An environment where they can feel safe and think properly and feel home. An environment where they are ensured basic facilities (Internet access is very helpful for self-help now-a-days).

In such an environment, these people can have proper communication among themselves. They can build a structured, step-by-step procedure to overcome their problems.  They can also elect/ select a representative whenever necessary to ease communication and interaction between the people of their group and the people of the country (new country).

Note: This solution to this challenge has an approach where legal help, health care & education and skill development given by a country to displaced people is made easy by providing them an environment.

Reliable and cost-effective legal support can be given by assigning a few legal assistors to a large group of displaced people where these assistors communicate with only the representatives of the group and then, the representatives become capable of assisting their own group (Self-help). There can be representatives from & for the displaced people who understand their people better and can collectively take correct legal decisions for themselves.

Health Care, Improved water and Sanitation facilities should be given to the displaced group of people considering the requirement mentioned by representative(s). Representatives can spread awareness among their groups about issues and how to tackle them. Else, representatives should be made aware first and then Self-help follows.

Representatives should be made able to educate the uneducated people in their group enough so that they (uneducated) can blend-in with the education system of the country.



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