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We are creating a digital society for the underprivileged (Almajiris) and engage them in skills acquisition and the basics of technologies, in order to help them improve their life styles and to be more productive in their life, society/community and the country at large. We plan to engage them to be able to read, write and know the basics of technologies and how to apply them in their day-to-day activities while they conceptualised it through the learning process. By using 50 iPads at the first quarter of the year, where individuals with digital skills can login and access assignments, jobs and free learning materials. We’ll make use of customize iPads to offer free quality education and also distribute the products to schools for purchase. 

Genesis of Almajiri 

The Almajiri system, as practiced today, in Northern Nigeria, is a completely depreciated system, compared to the form and conditions under which the system was operating and its output during the pre-colonial period with lack of support from the government, Almajiri system collapsed like a pack of cards. The pupils now turned into Almajiri together with their Mallam (Guardian) having no financial support and this forced them to begging and performing other menial jobs for survival. 

Growing up begging, they believe that the best way to make a living is through begging which on the contrary they can make a living with skills such as tailoring, agriculture, carpentry and coding as well. We are bridging that gap between a child and a child who is adding to the development of the country.


To empower the Almajiri children with foundational knowledge which will give them access to greater opportunity in the future.

Introduce Almajiri children to the use and benefit of technology.

To promote the culture of social impact and awareness amongst participant and the general
Nigerian public.

Serve as data and information source for future research into the Almajiri crisis.

To provide a solution to the problem of illiteracy Nigeria population.
To create a world where every Nigerian child is safe from exploitation and able to live up to their fullest potential.



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