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setting up of Business Management and ICT Center and other Entrepreneur skills Training Centre in Kwara State, Nigeria. The center will be a one stop shop providing ICT training, business development and financial services, business mentoring, entrepreneur training such as (making of chalks paints, shoe and bags, makeover and head tie, wigs, solar energy atc), web design, networking, soft ware development, computer assembling, repairs and information resource center for young unemployed women.  

The project will publish the first business directory for micro-finance organizations and women in business as well as creation of an interactive women enterprise marketing website dubbed’ and online directory to enhance finance and market access for women in ICT and other Entrepreneur businesses , small and medium enterprises and women groups in all over Nigeria in bid to increase incomes for the women owned enterprises to create employment for poverty alleviation and reduce rural urban migration and resulting slum life and increasing numbers of women in ICT/Entrepreneur  in the country’s urban areas. 

Among other services to be offered by the Center are annual exhibitions for women owned businesses and products, Business plan development training and competitions as well as annual business development awards to encourage more women to participate in ICT/Entrepreneur business and in the process develop entrepreneurial culture. 

Currently, Usbin IT Concepts is trying to mobilizing young mothers into 10 youth groups of at least 20 members each which are then encouraged to save a small amount of money each week in order to receive a loan to begin in turn a small gainful employment and to find a way out of poverty.

The day to day running of the projects activities is headed by a director who provides the overall project management function with the role of policy formulation and direction. The project coordinator has experience designing and managing community based interventions. The current organization has 7 members with a combined experience of more than 10 years working with community social programs in Nigeria. To maximize effectiveness and efficiency, the organization has three sub-committees responsible for Finance and Fundraising, Strategy and recruitment. Each project has an independent Project Advisory Committee, instituted before any community project is commenced. It is this committee which oversees the general administration of the project including advising on personnel recruitment processes for the specific community project.



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