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The CubeX is a home scale wastewater and solid waste treatment system that allows households to process all of their organic waste on site effortlessly. The CubeX is a fully automated unit with a small footprint that is connected to the sewage network that can effectively eliminate the need for septic tank servicing. What makes the CubeX unique is that it allows users to recover resources from their waste such as energy, fertilizer and processed water. The system accomplishes all of the above all while resorting to the circular economy approach, whereby the user uses again the resources he utilized at first; thus, reducing the stress on primary matters. CubeX is a modular system that can service 4 person households or more.

What differentiates CubeX from other home scale wastewater and solid waste treatment systems is that it is the only one which treats solid and liquid waste all while producing three useful resources out of them: compost, water and biogas. Also, contrarily to other systems, CubeX does not require any desludging. At last, it is worthy to mention that the system can be disassemblable; hence the user can build it on his own via a guiding manual we would be providing him with.

So far we have installed 2 pilot units in partnership with the Union of Dutsch Municipalities (VNGI) for refugee camps in Lebanon, where the refugees are throwing their solid and liquid wastes in the system and gaining compost as a natural fertilizer, water for irrigation and biogas for cooking.

So let us change the world’s perception of waste together!



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