Cucumber production for healthy living

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The ways in which Urban populations increases access to healthy and sustainable foods, such a good example is my cucumber farming production which has an inexhaustible health benefits,part of the ways include the following;

  • By adopting good technique in their agricultural farming system,such as that of my cucumber mechanise farming.
  • By engaging in more of organic farming rather than going inorganic farming,this reduces soil degradation and also increases soil quality.
  • It also helps farmers improve their techniques and quality of life.
  • The cucumber production utilizes water management systems such as drip irrigation,that do not waste water, which eradicate erosion caused by water overflow, as the soil get oversaturated.
  • By engaging in cucumber is just as going Green environmentally,which have greater effect in reducing the effect of toxic compounds in the air such as Mercury ,lead and arsenic mostly found in vast fertilizers.
  • Good source of vitamins B.
  • Rehydrate the body, fighting heat both inside and out and supplies adequate amount of daily vitamins.
  • Hair care
    the silicon and sulphur elements in cucumber helps to stimulate hair growth.
  • Anti
    cancer research has shown that some agents known as lignans (pinaresinol, lariciresinol,secoisolariciresinol) reduces risks of cancer types like breast cancer, uterine and prostrate cancers.
  • Hangover and headaches
    taking slices of cucumber before going to bed at night reduces the intensity of hangovers and headaches. This is due to the presence of adequate electrolyte vitamins and sugar that will balance the body's internal environment.
  • Cucumber is also used for the treatment of blood /pressures (both low and high blood pressure ). This is due to the presence of potassium and magnesium which help to stabilize blood pressure.
  • Cucumber juice contains some active agents required for insulin production by the cells of the pancreas,hence anti-diabetic.
  • Relieves gout and arthritis
    the cucumber activates by strengthening the connective tissues especially at the joints.This promotes healthy joints.



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