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We are presently in the business of addressing malnutrition ( Vitamin A micronutrients deficiency) especially in children under 5 years and pregnant women.

33% of children below 5 years are Vitamin A deficient which affects their eyesight, growth and brain development. 2300 children die from malnutrition related disease daily. 1 in 13 pregnant women die daily with 50% of these due to malnutrition.

We address this challengeusing staple crops such as cassava and maize processed into several value added products which have been biofortified withPro Vitamin A as a cost effective way to reduce infant mortality, stunted growth, impaired vision among children and reduce maternal death. We are providing sustainable solution to nutrition challenges.

I work with my team andother research institutes to explore the usefulness of Cassava and its derivatives, especially the Pro-Vitamin A biofortified Cassava. We have developed up to 25 different products that are sustainable and profit driven which include;Vitamin A Cassava casstard (the first cassava-based custard in Africa) which is one of our major selling products now and helps in combating vitamin A deficiency especially among children below 5 years and pregnant women. We also introduced the production of healthy sugar free snacks, rich in Vitamin A that can serve as snacks for school children. we are creating job opportunities through Agricultural Value Chain among youths and young women where we reach 10,000 young people yearly with training and capacity development.

The malnourished children in Nigeria, especially Northeast Nigeria where over 2 million Internally displaced people mostly women and children live in camps need us, no child should ever be left malnourished. The 1 in 13 pregnant women that die daily from malnutrition related illnesses can be offered a chance to live as everyone should be given a right to good health.

We operate a hybrid model of business, where we undergo community services to rural areas and also advocate about malnutrition and eating healthy.At the end of every business year 5% of our profit goes into community services.



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