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To startup the cywe food sector that will take care of malnutrition in child,adults and women through processing and packaging of agricultural food produces by blending Plaintain mixed with yam,sorghum,unpolished rice,Guinea corn,Maize,soybeans into pouches of one wholemeal which can be used for porridge,swallow,cereal and baking because of it's high nitritious benefits to human being. This is first of its kind in meal flour in the food industry.

Specific objective:

To provide sustainable and healthy food for all at affordable prices in the urban population of the world in the next 10years at maturity.

Reducing cancer in children ,youths and women because of many of the phytonutrients in the food grains

Reducing malnutrition in men,women and child because it is a one meal balanced diet that can be eaten at any time of the day.

It digests easily because of it's high fibre, mineral,vitamins and other micro nutrients contents in the meal.

Reducing sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood therefore can control diabetics and cholesterol .

Impact on Food Security

Food Availability: The investment will have an impact on the production of nutritious food for all people at the local or national levels and other parts of the world.

Cywe foods mixed with flour is a one meal affordable food which contains mixture of fibres,vitamins,protein carbohydrates and fat and oil from the local soup that will complement it.

It will aid easy food digestion in the system, nourish the system and reduce malnutrition causing diseases too like kwashiorkor,beriberi,diabetes, scurvy etc

Food Access:

The investment will provide new or additional sources of income(i.e.,jobs)for the local community, giving people the opportunity to purchased more nutritious and affordable food as the urban population increases.

Economy impact: due to production and distribution value chain system that will be implemented from the farm to the food on the table of different homes, the nations will earn foreign currency to boost their economy and more job will be created.

Environmentally/social impact

We will only deal with farmland lease at affordable rate for now while food processing equipment has no negative impact on humans and the environment as organic manuals will be used to catalyse farm produce growth and harvest.Backwards integration will also be in place.

positive environmental aspect:

This practice will surely reduce ozone layer depletion due to the constant oxygen that will be given to the environment while carbondioxide emitted by human into the environment will be used up by the crops.The environmental air becomes purified for human existence.



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