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DABBEL’s AI-autonomous Building Management System (BMS) is compatible to all prevalent BMS solutions, which means that our system uses the available resources of the building. Thus, by working on top of the existing BMS, DABBEL not only makes the hardware of the building more efficient, but also reuses this legacy equipment, which promotes the shift towards a circular economy. Furthermore, this compatibility renders DABBEL’s solution a great scalability as it can be easily implemented to further buildings in the same way.

DABBEL’s autonomous control of the building’s mechanical equipment like HVAC, shading or lighting, makes the building much more efficient than human manual control could ever be capable of. This means that our solution eliminates human error and operation anomalies to make the building more efficient. This way, DABBEL transformed the building of a client to a sustainable, green and healthy environment, reducing energy consumption and CO2emssions by 32%. Thereby, DABBEL presents an environmentally friendly solution, which contributes to actively fighting climate change since the building sector in particular is responsible for for 40% of energy consumption and 39% of CO2 emissions on a global scale. Moreover, 28% of the inefficiently used energy can be traced back to human error and wrong control decisions. Thus, our company has committed itself to change this trend with our product of AI-Self-Driving Buildings.

Another positive side effect of DABBEL’s operation includes the reduction of abrasion of the mechanical equipment due to its more efficient use. This in turn increases the durability of the hardware and thus scales up the renovation cycles.

Besides all these benefits for sustainability, there is a simple business model, which consists of a monthly fee based on the number of square metres of the building without upfront costs due to reusing the building’s equipment. In addition, our customers can cancel the contract every month.



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