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With the environmental and climate conditions deteriorating in the globe, there is a growing concern for green economies and green jobs. So people started focusing on green sectors such as renewable energy but we believe that it is also important to focus on greening the existing businesses such as fashion industry. So, we educate and train rural communities to manufacture cost-effective, high-quality, sustainable and Eco-friendlyproducts which are designed and innovated by us.Some of them are then employed with us and we help some to set up their own business.

We recycle plastic bottles to make T-shirts & other apparel. We reuse and upcycle left-over cloth pieces to manufacture apparel. We use scrap metal to manufacture artificial jewellery. All of these contribute to mitigating climate change and spreading awareness on the same issue. We also help in the preservation of local art-forms and culture through the products.We also conduct interactive behavioural change workshops for rural communities to reduce inequalities and to promote green jobs.

We have impacted over 500 women from rural communities. We have been contributing to the reduction of at least 5000 Kilograms of Carbon-dioxide(CO2) emissions every month. We have sold over 400 fashion accessories in just 3 months. We also make T-shirts from plastic bottles and have sold 3000 such t-shirts so far, recycling over 30000 plastic bottles. We have supported around 20 women to set up their own business. We have done research on natural dyes to be used to replace chemical dyes.

We have done initial research on Natural Dyes which is accredited by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (Ministry of Textiles), so we plan to further research and use natural dyes in our products to reduce water-pollution.



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