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Globally, 1/3 of all food produced is wasted; this is environmentally devastating and profoundly unsustainable. We have another 2.2 billion people joining the planet by 2050, And nearly 151 million children under five years have stunted growth, while the lives of over 50 million children in the world continue to be threatened by wasting and in order to feed everybody we need to increase global food production by >50%.

Hunger isn't a scarcity problem, Hunger is a logistics problem. There isn't a lack of food, rather an ineffective redistribution of wasted food or surplus food especially. We live in a tech-enabled world where logistics issues are practically obsolete. Why are we still tolerating such a contradictory equation?

Climate change is making farming increasingly unpredictable. Farmers are forced to plant extra crops to ensure they will have enough to sell. However, when crops flourish, farmers can’t always harvest and sell all the food there is an issue of Post Harvest Lost.Disorganised and dated supply chains mean even harvested food goes to waste.

We have a solution, we’re building technology of web platform and mobile application to make hunger and food waste things of the past. Our end-to-end service works in real-time to connect businesses with surplus food to those who need it right now, all while helping businesses understand and reduce their food waste and positively impacting their bottom line.

Users in the food supply chain simply snap a picture of their items and add them to DECODE YIELD. Organizations then receive customized alerts and can request anything that takes their fancy. Pick-up takes place – often the same day – at the home or another agreed location. All listings on the app are available for free. We also have over 1000 Food Waste Heroes (volunteers) who collect unsold food from local retailers, take it home, add it to the app, and redistribute it to the local community, thereby enabling those businesses to be zero food waste.

Used produced can be picked up and cooked in order to feed the food insecure.

We empower everyone to become self-employed through DECODE YIELD providing people a platform, equipment and opportunity to make a stable income for themselves while tackling FOODWASTE in their own community. Helping people feed the planet.

We're relentless in our drive to make hunger history & we know together we can make it happen we’re constantly evolving our technology to improve the fluidity of food redistribution and help businesses reduce their food waste. We know that solving hunger doesn't start or end with us, so we're building durable relationships with like-minded businesses and partners to help us get there faster. Poverty deprives people of the means to buy or produce food. On the other hand, hunger and malnutrition cause enormous human suffering. Hungry people cannot work to their full potential and are more susceptible to disease. Malnourished children are unable to learn effectively. Many are handicapped for life. In order to help these people escape from the vicious circle requires targeted and deliberate action in the form of comprehensive social services, including food assistance, health and sanitation, education and training. A special focus on the most vulnerable, in particular women and children, is warranted.



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