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Blui is an educational robot that tries to address the problem of the lack of trained people with skills such as robotics and programming for the 71 million new jobs projected for 2040

Low cost educational robot designed to teach robotics and programming from primary to university level, adapted to the school curriculum for easy implementation in educational centers and with a web platform that leads to flexible learning through tutorials.

Blui allows teaching robotics and programming in educational centers at low cost and easy curricular implementation.

It gives place to the teaching from the basic school grade up to the university degree, generating a continuous development.

It gives rise to a flexible learning, through our educational platform and is mainly economically affordable, placing it in the place of cheaper robot in comparison with other kits on the market (Mblock, Lego, Vex, etc.), which allows greater use of this kind of teaching tools

This solution is feasible because the teaching tools (Lego, Mblock, etc.) are very expensive (only the upper-middle class can afford it in my country), at present, face-to-face courses are required to acquire these skills in a practical way. and interactive, and they are not adapted to the educational curricula, this makes their implementation more complicated through the Ministry of Education.

Blui is a complete tool, the robot is composed of the main and essential sensors and actuators to be able to teach, besides that it has a modular design that allows to expand its uses by incorporating new sensors or modules. And with the structure of recycled wood. The Design is currently patented in the intellectual property registry.



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