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Today the question of involvement of small businesses in a national and global trade takes the first lines in agenda of governments of all countries. In Ukraine our team is involved in elaborating innovative solutions for the local (municipal, village) authorities to increase the level of development of their management and local economy. The key task is to increase the turnover of small and middle-sized entrepreneurs in small cities and villages. In our projects we combine innovative IT-solutions, mentorship, trainings, conferences, others.Working with local individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine, we have achieved good results locally. In order to make it global we need to involve another countries in this stream. The GCC region can be a good match. We have a clear idea of the FMCG market in the GCC through our team member (Ukrainian entrepreneur) who thoroughly studied FMCG and IT-service market for the past 5 years and successfully launched a business in Oman.

On the basis of our experience we can offer to the UAE government a complex program on integration of small/middle-sized businesses, particularly those from small cities and villages, women and young people, into national, regional and global trade. We have technical elaborations, widely applied in Ukraine, and clear understanding of barriers the small and new entrepreneurs have on the way towards the national or international trade.

Key tools we plan to apply:

  • Evaluation of the current situation in the UAE and selection of the areas (administrative units) to implement the project. Support of the local authorities is required.
  • Promotion among target audience of the opportunities that the project offers to small businesses.
  • Conferencing and trainings. Exchange of experience between different categories of project participants from the UAE and Ukraine/other countries where similar projects were successful. Special focus on creative industries.
  • Sub-grants, co-funding of small projects in the UAE.
  • Creation of international trade platform for small/middle-sized entrepreneurs by integrating it into international trade platforms (Amazon, Ali-Baba).
  • Supplying all kind of internet promotion and marketing services to small entrepreneurs from the UAE involving individual entrepreneurs from Ukraine, whose services are low-cost and high-quality. Particular focus on development of the trade between rural entrepreneurs and urban citizens to provide the latter with sustainable healthy food.
  • Integration of GIZ-data software to help entrepreneurs to promote their products. e.i. track of ecology of the origin area, cooperation of small entrepreneurs to sell big volumes.
  • Elaboration and optimization of the logistics and prime costs of small entrepreneurs' products through the project services.



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