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dHope!’s mission is to provide youths with an upscale selection of trendy clothing, accessories and an outstanding customer service. dHope! exists to not only attract and maintain customers; the Company also gives back socially by raising a new kind of awareness on the need for recycling and sustainability with every single purchase.

dHope!’s purpose is to spread sophisticated, trendy yet affordable fashion and instill confidence with Nigeria’s young population while at the same time ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12, providing affordable fashion for everyone to make sure that inequality and class difference is significantly reduced (SDG 10), employ and go into strategic partnerships with the widest possible number of youths, fashion influencers, promoters and marketers, artists, suppliers, etc to contribute to curbing the rate of poverty across states in Nigeria (SDG 1) and will also join and kick start projects to contribute to the realization of the other 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Being fully represented in and owning at least one dHope! Showroom in each part of our targeted geographical locations to ensure that every young person is positively affected, through this, the Company lays the foundation for growth, transformation, innovation, empowerment, opportunity, equality, freedom and most importantly, confidence to seize their futures.

With our dHope! Sustainability Program and sustainable living campaign which we have embarked on in partnership with Global Goals Cast, a subsidiary of the One Young World headquartered in the United Kingdom, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology SOLVE and most recently, the Genius School in Indonesia, we are set to lay a positive and solid foundation for the achievement and actualization of the SDGs. We have also been named the pioneers of sustainable and innovative fashion in Nigeria.



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