DHOUSE, Reinvention of Tradition for Urban Sustainability

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DHOUSE is designed to embrace the concept of modernity and sustainability by going back to the basics traditional design and senses of Filipino living. It is driven by the main principles of adaptability and resilience to design and culture. This structure aimed to achieve a self-reliant and self-sustaining residence in re-use of water reserves and food production, adaptive and resilient structure for self-preservation and adaptability to expansion, replicable, resourceful and efficient shelter for basic habitation comfort and definitive, reliable and socially acceptable design.



DHOUSE showcases integration of natural ecological cycle from filtering to farming with the built and indoor environment creating a whole new ecological cycle of coexistence. Maximizing each space for with intricate functions, it uses its natural resources to improve its performance. Using the eaves for edible gardening, natural shade, and enhancement of passive and natural ventilation to bring in improved indoor air quality, DHOUSE connects each part of the structure and creates the anatomy of a sustainable building.


The design’s flexibility with the materials used improves its replicability. A series of hybrid concepts were developed from the base plan using the same strategies with different materials that may be available to specific areas. Use of improved bamboo reinforced concrete utilizes native resource of rapidly renewable materials. An Eco-Container Hybrid housing is developed to repurpose and recycle unutilized container trucks with the same function and comfort performance and less fabrication of construction process. The design is also fitted for pre-fabricated standard designs and dimensions for easier implementation and minimize construction time.


DHOUSE is designed with carefully calculated structural design to withstand and resist unprecedented force and movement and minimizes susceptibility to flood through its passive innovations. Designed with sensitivity to traditions and demand for modernity and progress, its forms and function promotes positive response to culture and social acceptability.


Economic efficiency of the design and construction process make this project development affordable for the majority of the populations and communities on urban and rural areas. It increases access and promotes further awareness for different factions and communities of urban and rural setting on sustainability through the structure’s performance and maintenance.


The design is a model that provides experience and improved sustainable resources for urban dwellers and also brings maximized production using spaces of the built environment to rural dwellers with the access to same comfort of indoor living.


DHOUSE is a system that complements culture, environment, economic, social and sustainable innovations.





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