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Our solution solves the problem of inexistent internet connectivity in rural Africa.

According to World bank, around 850 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa have no access to internet. The challenge is hard, but even harder for the 490 million individuals who live in the rural areas with no proper electricity or communication infrastructure.

Another obstacle is internet prices in Africa is relatively expensive as price per giga over 4G: 2.1 USD while price per Giga 0.6 USD in egypt (Zambia Vs Egypt) (MTN Zambia, We Egypt)

A smart self sustainable business model that is built around power + internet source to offer free wi-fi internet at no charge.

Our solution is software based supported by available of the shelf internet accessories, hence it reduces the initial cost of the service.

How the solution works

  • our solution work as a second layer after any internet service provider.
  • we provide an access point linked with a portal to control the consumption usage per user and produce advertising scheme to get the free wifi.

So far, we are deploying DigiFi solutions in venues in major cities in Egypt as a first piloting phase, offering free wi-fi to around 100 per venue on daily basis. With a plan to expand our coverage up to 50 venues by April 2019.

What's next? (We are extending our impact by reaching rural communities through partnering up with on ground off-grid electricity providers throughout Africa.

We are currently developing a second pilot program in Zambia with Solera Electricity: Applicant for Sustainable Energy Challenge: a company that has developed the Power Vending Machine 'PVM' that creates a hub in the rural areas by supplying small shops and business with productive cheaper and cleaner electricity, providing infrastructure for new business ideas as well as value added services. Together we will offer free wi-fi internet to around 2000 people per hub/ location.Our plan is to cover around 30 hubs in 2019.



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