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In 2014 during the Ebola Outbreak in most African countries, messages were going round the social media for people to take their bath with salts and out of ignorance so many people drank the salt in excess which led to their untimely death, it is unfortunate that while trying to avoid death but ignorance and lack of information led to their premature death, in order to avoid such future occurrence that is what necessitated the development of this innovative solution. We are driven with the passion to reduce the rate of death due to uncontrollable outbreak of diseases and mismanagement of information. Another important service our web based system is offering is to give the opportunity for anyone in the world experiencing health challenges to be attended to by our medical team online. We have a chat button embedded on the website where users can chat with us and a doctor will prescribe medication to them and answers all their health questions. We are already upgrading the site to allow video chat so that the patients can be able to see the doctor who is offering the service to them.

One unique features of our innovation is the integration of Artificial Intelligence which will allow people on our site to ask the database questions on health matters and the database will response in real time via voice recognition. We have both an online and offline solution for this innovation for those in the rural and urban areas.

We are innovative because we are currently modifying our Website and Mobile App to give room for our client to order for the closest medical doctor to their location and our database will quickly connect them to the closest medical to their location to come attend to them at the comfort of their homes. Similar to Uber but this is known as the Uber of healthcare

This is the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa, extremely innovative and exceptional.



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