Digital Ecosystem for Food Supply Chain

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Our complete ecosystem platform consists of services that we believe will facilitate actors in the Agricultural food supply chain to better operate their part. Starting with agriculture data collecting platform to provide stakeholders with high-quality data then next can be used to create better regulations for farming, then we have an online community platform where farmers can easily get information regarding Best Agricultural Practice from universities' experts and each-others. We also have an online marketplace platform that we offer to connect the direct transaction between farmers and end consumers where the consumer will then get better and fresher products directly from farmers' hand. We also have a logistic platform to ease the distribution of fresh agricultural products from rural areas to the urban area. automatically this will give rural communities equal access to many services as the urban has, while it will be easier for urban communities to get fresh products. We also have other upcoming services such as funding and warehousing platform for the agricultural products where we can help the supply chain to be better in the future.



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