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Its a difficult challenge "Digital Divide and Digital Literacy". But It could be completed with the help be devoted minds. Its a best opportunity  to convert Global World into Digital Global Wor. Where every one could access the best educational , technical and learning opportunities. Just in Pakistan More than 60% of population lives in Rural Areas. Most of them have no access to internet. Which is the reason they could be familiar with new technologies and technical skills. 

The Rural are are most effected person not having digital access.

By giving this opportunity, we will actually open the door of education for them. This Opportunity towards education will effect the humanity in different ways , like ,

  • Improve Education 
  • Technical Skills Enrichment 
  • Connect with world
  • Enable to discover opportunities 
  • Free Education
  • Free Skills Learning 

Now this time many institutions like harvard university and many other best institutes provide free online courses so that those student who can't afford to travel or unable to attend such classes  may learn from online. As well as there are many other technical institution which provide free technical education.  This will results in

  • To achieve zero hunger mile stone
  • Self Employment 
  • New talent acquisition 
  • enable every human being to play their role towards better mankind. 

I have already started a project to help this out. I access only in urban areas but this opportunity will enable the humanity lives in rural areas of any country to connect with remaining world. 



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