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Day by day the world is growing with innovative technology and some called it savvy tech world. Every registration and communication becomes electronically digitalised. But this is only possible if you can effort to buy those electronics gadgets and able to study in highly developed schools.

In this global world place is divided into two parts Poor and Rich. Rich who lives in cities and developed areas are available with this digital facilities. In other hand who lives in village and rural areas are not even having electricity to light their bulbs at night and no networks to communicate with. This is the reason why poor people are digitally illiterate. 

In my village, high school students don’t know how to operate a computer and how to create their email. To work or form fill up online they go to computer shop and get done their work by paying lot of money to operator. Even the college students sometimes phase this same issues. So just imagine how people in developing countries are lagging digitally. If they need to learn computer course they have to pay huge amount of money and get trained from someone expert, which is not possible for everyone to pay money for learning computer.

According to my opinion in every government schools and colleges classrooms should be facilitated with digital board and teaching. Their should be extra computer lab to have extra computer class and computer should be put as subject so, students could learn theoretically as well as practically. Like some of the states government should provide tablets to college students that may keep students learn themselves by self operating.

There also some NGOs who support education for students and people, besides that they have to see whether students are digitally literate or not. NGOs should higher more volunteers around and make them to give free training on digital education and computer literacy to young people belong to marginalised community. 

One more sad thing is that government provides computer programming and certification to common people but some people don’t even know or aware about it. That is why if any intuition or government or NGOs organising such training centre, please announce in the locality before publishing the registration form. While selecting the candidates more preference should be given to ethnic people and farmers son/daughter. 

Government and advanced people are saying that this world is digital world but I said unless all the people living on this planet has got the technologically and digitally literate this world won’t be completely digitalised. 

In this world Asia and Africa has the highest number of population even most of the poor peoples are living in this two continents. So, most of the fund and charity should be allocated to this two regions and their should be equal distribution of fund among the countries. 

Some views to make the people digitally literate are given bellow:

1. Government School and colleges should be upgraded with digital classes.

2. Government schools and colleges should arrange computer lab and keep computer as main subject.

3. NGOs should come up with the motive to provide free digital and computer training.

4. Their should be announcement before publishing computer training registration form.

5. Ethnic and backward people should be given first priority while selecting the trainees.

5. Extra fund should arise only for digital training for marginal people.

This are the some views that can resolve Digital Divide.

Make entire people digitally educated and build Complete Digital World.



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