Digital marketplace for rural agroeconomies

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Information asymmetries in food supply chains lock smallholder farmers out of inclusive economic growth in many developing nations. To overcome this, we developed a digital platform that streamlines the buying and selling of agricultural goods between small-scale farmers and buyers, boosts transparency, and promotes collaboration through cooperatives. We focus on user-led design, tailoring implementation to regional supply chains, and maximising impact through data-driven decision making.

Our digital platform is designed to restructure rural supply chains from the ground up. By working closely with farmers and cooperatives, we have developed a digital system based on mobile technology that is already in their hands. A lot of exploitation in the supply chain comes from the isolation and lack of coordination amongst rural farmers, which allows people further up the supply chain to take advantage of them. By helping farmers to organize and cooperate from the bottom up, the entire system is based on a stable and fairer foundation, that is not vulnerable to the same kinds of exploitation.



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