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"Nigeria's digital divide refers to the inequality of Nigerian individuals, groups, or organizations with regards to access to information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure or to the internet for municipal and rural use within the Nigerian community. Education, lack of electrical infrastructure, income, and urban drift, and a variety of other social and political factors contribute to Nigeria's growing digital divide.

Efforts are currently being made to reduce the digital divide in Nigeria including collaboration between government agencies and technology corporations like Google, Cchub, Andela, StarBridge Africa, Microsoft and Intel, using libraries as E-learning (theory) facilities,and proposing governmental policies such as salary enhancement and social security".

The concept of digital literacy has evolved in different ways over the years in terms of the theoretical approach used to investigate its implications in the study of the gender digital divide in different real-life contexts, an interdisciplinary approach to analyze some of the theoretical and empirical gaps in the study of the gender digital divide.

Our Proposed solution therefore would fosters the acquisition of foundational ample of Digital knowledge, promotes integration of ideas from multiple disciplines and provides insight on how to apply knowledge all of which advance a student’s understanding of how to learn and provide learning materials, technology gadgets eg. Broadband that is programmed with free internet services;

• Foundational Knowledge – acquiring information and understanding ideas.

• Application – acquiring an understanding of how and when to use skills.

• Integration – the capacity to connect ideas.

• Human Dimension
recognition of the social and personal implications of issues.

• Caring – acknowledgment of the role of feelings, interests, and values.

• Learning How-to-Learn – obtaining insights into the process of learning.

We as a Unique Concept Innovation Hub and IT Solution are proposing a Digital Mobile Collage on wheel and portal that will tackle the issue of Digital Divide and Digital illiteracy with a Digital mobile solution and interdisciplinary approach methodology. This methodology is said to develop knowledge, insights, problem solving skills, self-confidence, self-efficacy while digital mobile collage is said to bring it to the door steps of in the rural communities and low income earners, and will help in providing passion for learning with common goals that educators bring to the classroom, an interdisciplinary instruction and exploration promotes realization of these objectives and fosters advances in cognitive ability.



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