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In the Year 2019 , 46.5% of the Nigerian population were internet users, this means that more than the half of the Countries Population are not on the Internet, which also means other african countries have less than 46% . This creates room for digital divide and illiteracy.People in the rural areas don't have access to the internet to source for information or gain knowledge. And also leaving them with unqualified teachers to teach them in their villages.

The lack of qualitative education and internet access in this areas increases the rate of illiteracy and as well digital illiteracy leaving few of the countries population educated.Lack of internet access in such places might be because of lack of resources such as buying a data plan or a smartphone but 23% of the Nigerian population have computer devices and 53% have smartphones which makes a total of 76% of devices.

So the question is how is possible that only 46% of this population browse the internet and the answer is obvious, they can't afford data plans which is basically creating lots of room for digital illetracy.So now what is the solution to this disturbing Problem?


We as a group of young boys in Nigeria with the mentorship of ABR unique concepts LTD, I Adam mohammad Barma and my Team; Abdullahi mustapha and Sadiq muhammad barma came together discussed and came up with a solution for digital divide and digital literacy in Nigeria which we named as Digital resource center.

Digital resource center is a platform (a web-base System) that gives free internet access to its users to access the website ,attend lectures, download or read pdf books, articles , journals about ICT related subjects and many more tech and innovation courses

The proposed solution web-base system will be a collaboration and partnership with the internet service providers to provide access to the website to read and download contents at no cost , no data subscription.All they need is their device and a sim card to visit our website at no cost

The proposed solution website offers education to the rural areas and at the same time provide solution for user who do not understand english language. A provision for contents that provide interpretation visual illustrations and many features for accessibility especially since they are from the rural areas and villages.

So we planned in creating contents on English, Hausa , yoruba and igbo which are the major ethnic languages spoken in Nigeria , hopefully we will expand to other languages in other african countries.

And also upload videos for practical illustrations, because videos makes people understand more than text since a lot of people in such communities can't read.

The solution also close the gap on digital literacy and providing very affordable education we also provide people with online job opportunities.

They will register on the website as ICT content providers, If they are qualified (E.g Degree in computer science and fluent speaking in their ethnic language). And they will undergo some test and then they will be allowed to provide content in the language they understand, They will be paid on every post they make.Not only will Digital resource center be able to provide free education but also provide job opportunities to such communities and the country at Large.

We project that digital literacy will scale up to 76%. people with devices in this country will now be able to educated themselves online

We also believed that the 46% of the people that use internet in 2019 will transform to 76% in 2020 making people more digitally educated as well providing more job opportunities.



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