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An integrated network for farmers and buyers to work well together

795 million people face hunger on a daily basis across the globe. In addition, majority of the 570 million farms in the world are small scale farms managed by smallholder farmers in rural communities. The potential of agricultural productivity remains grossly underexploited due to the existing logistical and financial challenges smallholder farmers experience. To illustrate, in East Africa alone, due to their small scale, informal, isolated nature, 80% of smallholder farmers live in extreme poverty. This leaves them lacking access to credit for quality inputs such as feeds, seeds, or tools and they are left to rely on environmentally degrading and unsustainable means of food production. These challenges leave over 150 million people in rural East Africa, alone, excluded from financial, market, and agriculture innovation access, a failure that we aim to correct.

Because digital technology has largely remained absent in rural farming communities, smallholder farmers and agribusinesses exclusively rely on hand written paper records for information management. In addition, agribusiness is dependent on a cash based economy, where vans full of cash travel to remote villages each week, to make payments. To mention the least, this business environment is precarious, risky, costly, and slow.

We currently provide two essential tools for farms and other businesses in agriculture. Our digital ledger provides a transparent record of all transactions along the supply chain, and eliminates costly disputes between buyers and sellers. Our payment integration makes it safe and easy for businesses to purchase goods or settle invoices. In combination, these tools help our members to save time, eliminate disputes, and make informed decisions.



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