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Successful preparation of silver and copper nanoparticles and their impregnation on coconut shell charcoal and preparation of column and removal of E. coli from the water after passing through the column. The expected outcome of the project is to come out with an environmentally friendly, low cost, an efficient and safe device which can potently remove contaminants along with microorganisms present in water to make it safe to drink. A gravity-based system is envisaged to make the device energy efficient.

Thus, this work aims to address five essential aspects for the practical use of nanoparticles in a water-disinfection module: (i)Desalination and complete death of E. coli to give bacteria-free water after treatment, (ii) To design a continuous device which works for a long period of time without any process deterioration, (iii) Ag and Cu concentration maintained well within the limit as per WHO standards for treated water  (iv) To successfully impregnate the nanoparticle impregnation on coconut shell charcoal which is locally available and (v) synergy between Ag and Cu nanoparticle additives to give an enhanced throughput of potable water, by reducing the amount of silver, which is more costly and to increase the use of copper nanoparticles for successful treatment of contaminated water



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