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Distributed energy is a development and aggregation platform that connects renewable energy projects with funders. As experienced platform aggregators, we match credible renewable energy projects with investors. Our goal is to transform the energy landscape in developing countries by bridging the gap in renewableenergy access, one investor at a time through the deployment of distributed rooftop solar in the commercial and industrial sector. We focus on addressing systematic bottlenecks in developing countries that slow down transactions and escalate project costs by providing innovative, clean technology-driven solutions to fast-track energy access in both rural and urban areas. Our focus on distributed solar energy deployment was a conscious choice, not only because of the scope of impact in terms of potential for electrification, but also because distributed generation addresses and overcomes the largest shortcoming of utility-scale renewable energy deployment
availabilityof space. Distributed solar generation not only improves the reliability of a customers electricity in urban areas and the stress on the grid during peak hours, but also provides a backbone for when utility companies decide to expand the electric grid to rural areas. Our business model is focused on supporting three main areas of the clean energy sector in emerging markets:

  • Green base load to support clean energy generation capacity and energy efficiency to optimise energy systems and reduce energy intensity on the grid.
  • Green mini-grids to accelerate energy access to underserved populations and foster a behavioural change to promote clean energy generation practices.
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) + Operations and Management (O&M) services to NGO's and social enterprises looking to address energy poverty.

We offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) rates that are much better than the market. As a result, our energy customers are inclined to make this jump because not only do they significantly reduce their carbon footprintbut they also stand to gain immediate and long-term electricity bill savings. We also understand the upfront capital investment involved may be a restricting factor for customersinterested in undertakinga solar rooftop project, hence we finance the project so that they can focus on their core business.

We utilise our expertise, network and technology to filter through the noise and identify the best opportunities in captive renewable energy.



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