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With climate change becoming evermore present, the global population is getting increasingly exposed to its effects, with natural disasters increasing in frequency, affecting vulnerable areas & populations across the world exponentially, year by year.The impact is that much worse, considering that the most vulnerable populations, living in developing and less developed countries, are located in the global South where the frequency of natural disasters is higher than the global North. A twofold problem, the lack of economical resources puts these populations at risk, in the sense that they habit in housing modules that lack resilience and are easy prey to natural phenomenon, opposed to the North hemisphere.

Moreover, their predominantly agricultural lifestyle, which includes heavy reliance of livestock, poses an added risk since a natural disaster will almost always destroy these means of existence, leading to famine, further creating adversity.The global housing crisis also plays a role in this paradigm, the bulk of real-estate money being poured into developing high-end-luxurious modules that aren't affordable, creating even more vulnerability. Added to that, the indirect and direct emissions resulted from real-estate development account for 20% of the global emissions and 40% of global energy consumption, while concrete production accounting for 8% of global CO emissions.

An article from CityLab states:If even a portion of this global housing investment was “directed towards affordable housing and access to credit for people in need of it,” the UN report notes, the UN’s sustainable development goal “to ensure adequate housing for all by 2030, would be well within reach.”The solution? ENTER THE GEODOME!The geodesic dome is dubbed as"the most effficient shelter known to man" geodomes combine production cost-effectiveness, great resilience in front of natural calamities (up to 320 km/h winds and 8.5 Richter Earthquakes) . low-emission development and energy+heating efficiency all wrapped up into one.Adopting the geodome as a sustainable alternative to classical relief-shelter and social-housing can help tackle all of the above
reduce hazard risk for populations in front of natural disasters, solve the global housing issue, reduce emission quote, thus meeting UNDG goals.How to do it? Bring together the World Government and NGO's with geodome producers world-wide in an online platform where the former can configure the domes with the help of a 3D configurator to meet their needs, while the producers together satisfy the high demand that would thus arise.



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