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The doro-C Container is a 100% prefabricated and cost-effective mini hydroelectric power plant for the local and reliable production of renewable energy without any environmental impact. The recoverable electricity generation costs range between €0.04 and €0.08/kWh.

This is achieved primarily by our core technology, the double-rotation turbine. doro is based on a water wheel with the difference that the individual blades are not regidly mounted. They are rotating around there own axes and are following a special kinematics. This makes it possible to achieve mechanical efficiencies of over 90% and to triple the output compared to previously highly developed water wheels.

The possibility of fitting this patent pending turbine technology into a 20-foot standard container enables doro-C to be the first plug&play mini hydroelectric power plant for ultra low heads in the world. The installation is as easy as it is with PV and possible without any specialists.



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