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According to a 2018 FAO report, it is stated that with the detering effect of climate change and its negative impact on the global food economy from drought and drastic temperature changes affecting the productivity of Nigerian farmers and leading to an annual 11% loss in productivity, This effect of the above stated problem has resulted to over fertilization using inorganic products resulting to scorching and wilting of leaves, leeching of soil, pollution of nearby water bodies and inevitably decreased plant growth (FAO 2001). Our solution is providing a renewable source of fertilizer that produces even better results with prolonged use. Dreamvert fertilizer seeks to provide sustainable and healthy food for all by using our special waste-wealth raw materials to produce 1000 tons of organic fertilizer monthly that will reach 5000 farmers monthly in Nigeria. DreamVert fertilizer is made from almost zero cost raw materials
vegetable and animal waste products carefully harnessed under controlled conditions. Several pilot studies have been carried out and shown to improve crops productivity such as corn, cassava, okro and tomatoes e.t.c by as much as 20-50% fold increase while improving the natural ecosystem of the soil they are used on. Our waste-wealth raw materials enable us to sell our product 40% cheaper than the existing NPK fertilizers in the martket, while simultaneously increasing their farm productivity
ensuring a cummulative 50% increase in production of rural small shareholder farmers. Another infallible value in our product is that we can regulate the nutrient base of our product specific to demand. For example for nitrogen loving plants, we can increase the nitrogen content of such supply as the customer demands and so on. This is another unique quality that gives us a competitive advantage in the fertilizer industry of Nigeria.



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