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We developed a digital platform-app that uses artificial intelligence (data-driven storytelling) to change Trade without changing its rules, but making market access simpler and more efficient in any industry and any country.

DReeeMTrade generates value for all stakeholders
not only for vendors
by making money move faster and in a circular way. The disruptive idea is to pay potential buyers, using artificial intelligence to find out who we should pay and how much.

It’s a conversational system: “How much does a kilogram of rice cost?”. You are the potential buyer and the system knows the price of various vendors, so it’s able to communicate them directly. The answer would be: “Average price of a kilogram of rice is $1, at vendor X-Rice it costs $0.90… Just a moment, please. Now vendor X-Rice pays you $0.10”.

“Now” means you earn $0.10 in real time as potential buyer, There are rice vendors, but vendor X-Rice has invested $0.10 in the data-driven storytelling. Regardless of who the vendor or the buyer is, Eloisa Technologies earns a percentage on the transaction. Money goes back to vendor X-Rice in the form of rice purchases.

Please note that we get this result simply moving money in a circular way among stakeholders. Eloisa Technologies needs an investment just to start the engine from a Media perspective, then business becomes self-sustainable and scalable.

DReeeMTrade is a multi-sided digital platform able to operate on any market/industry (Trade, Food, Clothing, Jewelry, Automotive, Real Estate, etc) with the same algorithm. In the input step, our Machine Telling™ algorithm converts a price data-base in a knowledge-base. In the output step, MT returns the acquired knowledge in the form of a natural language conversation. This works wherever there is at least a 2G telephone network (SMS). Natural language conversation works on any topic, so we are able to deliver any type of information in this way.

In order to advance the livelihoods of the 1 billion people who still live off of $1.25 per day, we say that a number of individuals could earn in this way more than $1.25 per day, so DReeeMTrade is a smart and pragmatic solution to fight Poverty.



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