Drone for Precision Agriculture and Smart Farming - "Krishi PS-1925"

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India is an agro-based economy, and more than half of the billion-plus population workforce is provided employment under this sector. A shocking number is the contribution of agriculture to the GDP of the Indian Economy – a meager 18%, which accounts for less than 1/5th of GDP. The reasons behind this number are due to the lack of use of technology in farms, poor infrastructure, the decrease of soil fertility due to over utilization of fertilizers and consistent use of pesticides, and majorly the “uninformed decisions” by the farmers lead to ‘Low Yield’ or low agricultural productivity.

Low yield affects the cash inflow of farmers and in the long run, it affects the investment by the farmer to increase farm productivity in the future. This has a direct consequence on their investment in their families in domains such as education, healthcare etc.

Moreover, farmers in India and around the world are on the lines of climate change, food insecurity, global hunger, malnutrition in rural population. We want to impact low
and middle-income countries in the world, starting with India where farming is the main source of income (more than 40% of the global population is employed in agriculture sector) and agriculture should be adapted to the new climate-induced stress, according to SDG 13.

PS-1925 wants to join a united front against the deadly crop pests, diseases and fast responses to disaster. These pests are growing due to the favorable conditions changing the climate and supports the movement of pests to new geographies nearby.

There are 7 major domains where we need technological solutions for the increase in crop yield: Soil and field analysis, Spraying of pesticides, Monitoring of Animals, Weed Identification in farm fields, Seed Planting and Counting Mechanisms, Crop Irrigation Management and Differentiation between Healthy & Unhealthy crops.

In the nutshell, there is a need of affordable, easy-to-use and accessible technology, product and service are required that can help to increase the crop productivity manifold in India as well as save the time, money as well as energies of the farmers of India.  We want to help build ‘Climate Smart Villages’ to test climate change adaptation and mitigation approaches. We need to move towards “Precision Agriculture” or “Smart Farming” and “Sustainable Farming Practices” such as conservation agriculture to improve the current agronomic situation in India and across the Globe. Therefore, we propose Drone for Precision Agriculture and Smart Farming – “Krishi PS-1925”.

Our team is focusing on optimizing farming practices right from the need to resolution. We wish to club machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, and sensor technology with PS-1925 to bring out a “Gen Y Agro-Intelligence Platform” that can increase the crop yield and thus manifold the share of Agriculture in GDP. PS-1925 can be used right from the initial stage of crop cycle – testing of soil for crop cultivation. It can be equipped with technology to perform 3D-mapping (changing aerial photographs into high-resolution mosaic maps) for an early stage analysis of the farm field land and the soil type which can be later beneficial for the blueprint creation of seed planting, irrigation and management of nitrogen levels in the soil.

It can be used to survey the crop field every minute, hour or day to show changes in the crop (via time course animation) revealing problems, opportunities, weakness, strength (SWOT Analysis) for better crop management, improving crop yield and farm efficiency.

PS-1925 has the ability to automate the process of spraying pesticides on the specific unhealthy to fight against the pests and diseases.

Lastly, a mobile app (to remove the LANGUAGE BARRIERS) will be developed for farmers that are easy-to-use and user-friendly so that farmers can make informed decisions and can be educated about the opportunities in the agro-based industry starting from crop yield optimization to harvesting efficiency.






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