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Boschfontein rural community with an estimated population of 7,811 suffers from insufficient clean water supply.The community has undergone unheard human miseries due to constant droughts and unreliable rainfalls. Observation indicates the primary schools within the area were closed from August 2006 to March 2007 due to insufficient water. Most of the rivers in the area are seasonal, an indication that there in no constant water supply. The community relies on water from wells, which run dry if droughts persist. There are also ponds of stagnant water which are used by both human and animal community. Thus, people are at risk since the cleanliness of such waters isn't assured. The project idea is to improve access to clean water for the rural community at Boschfontein village through the fixing of the boreholes installed by the local municipality (replacing old material and improving the systems). Our focus is fixing first the one that requires the least money and resources. After doing an evaluation, we found one located in a section called Mhlunyane. he purpose of this grant is to complete the execution of our pilot project. For the project, there will be a CBO/Community Network that will ensure full participation of community at different stages of the project. Dropinsea (the implementing organization.) will organize a project committee that will oversee the planning and implementation phases. The organization will hire the boreholes drilling company and water pump supply company; it will also coordinate the entire project including seeking technical advice from the experts. 

Project Implementation

Step I: Preparation

Dropinsea will facilitate the formation of the project committee that shall be composed of the project manager, program coordinator (our partner, director), community mobilizer, project financial manager and project evaluator. The project committee will make necessary plans for initialization of the project and the appointed site. (1 month)

Step II: Community mobilization

The Dropinsea project committee will spearhead the mobilization of community members of Boschfontein area. We will start off with a transparent community selection process and share results. Then map community priorities and identify community leaders through community assessments. Afterwards, hold preliminary meetings with community leaders and enlist their support to mobilize community participation. This will be realized through involvement of the community elders, local assistant chief, Boschfontein local mayor, and area governing officers (2 months)

Step III: Ongoing operations

Prepare tender invitations from interested and eligible firm to fix boreholes and supply water pump and other relevant materials; monitoring of project activities. (6 months)

Step IV: Evaluation

Carry out summative evaluation of the project to find out whether the objectives were met. (3 months)

Piloting: This type of project has already been piloted in many rural districts of South Africa. Thus,

Dropinsea is ready to initiate the project in Boschfontein rural community.



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