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Dross To Gam Recycling Ltd is a green start up that recycle paper into quality products like Chairs, Tables, Stools, Packaging Materials, Art Work etc.

Our products are 95% made from waste paper and it is an original idea started here in Nigeria by the founders.

Our project has strong environmental mission to combat Climate Change, by reducing the over dependence on tress for furniture and other such products made from wood thereby, encouraging afforestation. For every ton of waste paper we recycle into new products we are saving a tree some were on the planate.

But most importantly we are also reducing the Green House Gasses like Carbon Dioxide, Methane Gas etc. that are released into the Air when paper is burned or allowed to decompose on landfills. These are very toxic gasses that are very Harmful to Plant, Animals and Human beings, aside cleaning our homes and streets.

Paper has become an eye sore in our homes constituting the larger part of our waste on Landfills, and on our streets. Most often people turn to burn this paper or dump them in the dust bins which end up on landfills. Not knowing that if you burn paper you are emitting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, and if you dump paper on Landfills they will decay and emit Methane Gas Polluting the Land and the Atmosphere.

Tresses are very important, they store huge amount of carbon and are essential for the cycling of Nutrients, and they also improve air and water quality.

A recent study published in the journal Nature says there are about 3 Trillion trees on earth and each year 15.3 billion tress are cut down, this has a significant implication on the planet in terms of climate change, Biodiversity, and human well being. Today we have nearly half of the number of trees due to reckless human activities.

Our project is a perfect solution to these problems, if well harnessed it will serve as a good alternative.



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