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Dry-to-go dryers is a mobile ,offgrid , semiautomated solar dryers that offer conservative door to door drying services to poor small scale farmers based in rural marginalised villages.our solar driers are innovative in that they are able to use direct sunlight ad greenhouse paper drier during the day and still remain active during night and cloudy days due to extensive energy stored in phase change material nakibgvuts interior design and energy stored in internal batteries from the side panels used to make the body works.in kenya and in africa,2/3 of total food is produced by small scale farmers due to high dependance on rain fed farming,narjet influx happens periodically,2) 3 of total horticulture produces in rural villages goes to waste with those reaching marketing bought and run away price as processors takes these advantage to exploit farmers.farners live in absolute poverty.during extended dryspell,kenya suffers acute food shortages(horticulture produce).7 million kenyans are constantly suffering fron MicroStarvation with the number rising to 18 million in dry spell which unfortunately Even the producing farmers also suffers.

Dry-to-go dryers is providing a sustainable solution to ensure excess food produced in rural villages is conserved for latter use during lack.with the cost of setting electric dryers being too expensive and unsustainable due to seasonality,oyr mobile offgrid solar drier is a perfect match to the needs.with different regions having different harvesting season,we are able to be active all year round and able to reach farmers at their own doorstep.

Poor farmers gains unlimited acess to drying at affordable prices.through our operation,we are able to eliminate food waste .for every 1 tonne of food conserved ,we are able to save our environment 1.5tonnes of equivalent co² that could have being produced by decaying food



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